Heriot: Jeune Lorette

“. . . The village which contains upwards of 200 inhabitants, consists of about fifty houses, constructed of wood and stone, which have a decent appearance.

“The chapel is small, but neat, and the parish extending a considerable way around, the Canadians, who form the greatest number of parishioners, have lately procured a church to be erected for their accommodation, about a quarter mile from the village.  The Indians attend, with scrupulous observance, to the performance of their devotions.  The women are placed in the centre of the chapel, and the men arrange themselves on each side and on the rear.  The former have in general good voices, and both sexes seem to evince a considerable degree of fervency, in the exercise of their religious duties.  They live together in a state of almost uninterrrupted harmony and tranquility; the missionary has a great influence over them, and they have exchanged, in some degree, the manners of savage life, for those of the Canadians, in whose vicinity they reside.”