Lady Mary Love

. . .In 1816 it was purchased as a gubernatorial mansion by the Provincial Government, but some nine years later destroyed by fire.  On its site Sir Howard Douglas, the then-Lieut.-Governor, erected a handsome colonial mansion of stone, now known as ‘Old Government House.’  As a residence for the Chief Executive of the province it has been unused since the (1880’s), Sir Leonard Tilley having been the last occupant.” (credit, Georgia B. Barnhill.)

Here is Bouchette’s description, including his appreciation to the artist:
“The Government House is a handsome building of three stories, with one wing and a circular stone portico; it is situated in a pleasant park, at the upper end of town, and near the banks of the river; but though a creditable and comfortable building, it hardly comports with the resources and consequence of the colony, and will most likely be soon superseded by something still more worthy His Majesty’s representative in that flourishing province.  The accompanying correct view, for which, as well as for other views in New Brunswick, we are indebted to the politeness of an accomplished young lady, will give a better idea of its pretensions than any description of ours could do.”

Lady Mary Heaviside Love (1806–1874) was an established and dedicated artist and lithographer.  She was born in Saint John, the daughter of a prominent merchant. She was educated in England and married a British army officer stationed in New Brunswick. She made many watercolours of scenery in her home province and Quebec.