W.J. Bennett

. . . In ‘View of the British Fall from Goat Island’, the Terrapin Point walkway from the island to the brink of the Horsehoe Falls can been seen.  Within several years, a stone observation tower was built at the end of the walkway and stood until the mid-1870’s.  Visitors paid admission to go to the end of the walkway, and a further fee to climb up the tower.  There was also a toll to cross to Goat Island from the Niagara Falls, N.Y., mainland.

Bennett depicted a pair of domestic goats, lying next to the picnickers, perhaps in  recognition of the name of the island.  An original settler to the area had established  herd of goats on the island, but all except one died in the harsh winter of 1780.

‘Niagara Falls from the Table Rock’ shows the viewer with the dog standing at the rock edge well away from the cataract.  Today, Table Rock describes only the spot right at the brink of the Horseshoe.  About one-third of the overhang broke off in 1850.  There were further small collapses over the next 50 years, and, in 1935, the rest of the rock was demolished for safety reasons.