Wm. Craig, photographer

. . . George Bowron and Thomas Cox were “daugerreotypists and photographists” who started their partnership in Minneapolis in 1857.  They opened in Saint John in 1860, apparently attracted by the business possibilities created from the imminent Royal Visit by the Prince of Wales. Their Saint John studio continued in business until at least 1864.

There were two photographers named William Craig – father and son – active in Canada at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.  They were based in Owen Sound and operated photography studios there, but travelled widely in Canada.  Numerous engravings based on photographs by ‘Wm. Craig’ appeared in publications like the Canadian Illustrated News and as frameable prints.

(In the title of this lithograph and the publishing credit, note the variation-spelling of Saint John used by some publishers at the time.)