Capt. B. Beaufoy

Others praise the realism and vitality of Beaufoy’s human subjects (both on shore and on the water).  One author remarks on the occupants of the small boat in the foreground: “Industrious French-Canadian farmwomen are pictured. . .taking their produce to the Quebec market.  One assumes a commanding stance, while another paddles the craft.” (credit, Jan Noel)

There is no explanation of the dedication to Lord Seaton, the former Governor-General of British North America.  He had left Canada about 10 years previous to the print’s appearance.

This is the only known published illustration by Beaufoy.  Earning his junior commission in 1810. he was a career, frontline officer in the fighting army with the 27th Regiment of Foot.  He fought in Sicily, Spain, North America (Plattsburgh), and India (Sholapore). He was assigned to Lower Canada at the time of the 1837 Rebellion, and returned to England for good after that.  He became a captain in 1840. When he retired at full pay sometime around 1850, he was listed as “Staff Officer of Pensioners”.  He was made an Hon. Lt.-Col. in 1855 and died in the 1870’s.